EC Solutions: Accelerating Epicor ROI

Andre Paquet, President & Co-founder
Explosive growth in technology innovation has paved the path for Industry 4.0 where shop floor is fully integrated into the management system. The increased demand for agility has had a knock-on effect on the ERP systems. As such, ensuring successful ERP implementation and execution in the wake of technology advancement continuum are no less than daunting. “The confluence of Epicor’s relentless innovation and our unique methodology has enabled us to deliver successful ERP implementations and redefine business workflow,” says Andre Paquet, President, EC Solutions.

EC Solution’s unique approach includes understanding customer’s business needs and objectives to create a visionary implementation plan. Backed by vast experience in working with Epicor solutions, ERP experts at EC Solutions minimize risks and cost in ERP implementation by customizing the software as per business requirements. The company does a detailed Business Process Review through which it describes the current processes and outlines opportunities for improvements with proposed solutions, which ensure ERP implementations will indeed be smooth sailing. The company’s expert consultants also highlight potential functionality gaps that can be detrimental to business process efficiency. After sales support in the customer’s language of choice entrusts customer’s Epicor investments with higher success rate. While streamlining the management of finance, inventory, and manufacturing, EC Solutions brings greater value in business intelligence for informed |decision-making.

The company has been able to deliver greater number of successful implementations based on Epicor’s portfolio including Epicor ERP and Prophet 21 (P21). Epicor ERP, used by thousands of customers worldwide, provides a centralized accountability feature providing greater transparency in the overall business process thus driving operational efficiency and profitability across the operating regions. On the other hand, P21 packs ease of use and greater power in supply chain management and warehousing enabling distributors to meet their business requirements. “Statistics reflect that large number of implementation projects fail, exceeding budgets and timelines, or failing to meet expected functionalities,” notes Paquet. “Our Epicor implementation methodology and our focus on helping the customer achieve results set us apart in the market.”

The confluence of Epicor’s relentless innovation and our unique methodology has enabled us to deliver successful ERP implementations and redefine business workflow

Building on Epicor’s integration capabilities of querying the system database directly and providing immediate answers or trigger system actions, EC Solutions’ experts have helped customers set up processes based on their specific business rules. They have also enabled clients use their smartphones to approve orders, query customer and stock information or view any KPI of their choice.

For instance, Baylis Medical Company, a leading supplier of medical devices, implemented Epicor ERP for its operations and engaged EC Solutions to leverage their Epicor experience and expertise to streamline its end-to-end operations. EC Solutions helped the medical supplier company to realize an automated, digital communication infrastructure traversing business and personal systems and devices to streamline business continuity and process efficiency. The company has achieved significant improvements in shipping and paperless workflow productivity. Back-office and warehouse activities have been redefined in the form of one click shipping, electronic manager approvals, error-free QA shipping verification by scanner, improved expense management, and UPS/FedEx integration with Epicor. While the company has improved its internal and customer-facing operations, it has also been able to improve sales by bringing accurate information at a faster rate to its mobile workforce and saved almost 300 hours man per year through Epicor ERP.

Performing as business partner to its clients, EC Solutions continues to create more success stories being an Epicor Platinum Partner. “We plan to bring our robust Epicor ERP solutions to bigger markets,” concludes Paquet.

EC Solutions

Québec, Canada

Andre Paquet, President & Co-founder

An Epicor Platinum Partner helping businesses to achieve high ROI on their Epicor investments

EC Solutions