EC Solutions: Implementing Integrated ERP Business Solutions

Andre Paquet, President
As competition is becoming more global, investing in technology to streamline both operational and the management aspects of business is gaining more attention. One of the most common challenges for companies is to shift through the dizzying array of new technologies, trends and buzzwords in an effort to find the best business solution. “Companies often end up buying technology for the sake of technology and lose sight of the business imperatives. Investing in leading edge technology for your business is good, but getting the highest possible return on that investment should be the ultimate goal,” says Andre Paquet, President, EC Solutions. Headquartered in Laval, Quebec, EC Solutions provide Epicor ERP solutions for unprecedented business management while supporting continuous performance improvement through real-time, in-context business insights.
EC Solutions provides result-oriented implementation services for the next-generation Epicor ERP solutions. Designed to maximize productivity in every area in an organization, these solutions help companies achieve significant return on investment (ROI). At the core of Epicor is an adaptable and collaborative business architecture that satisfies the needs of any enterprise – regard¬less of country, industry, or device – to enable business anywhere.

“Our entire methodology is designed to not only complete implementations on time and on budget, but also to help our customers set business objectives and goals that will make the most of the functionalities provided by the ERP solution. It also means helping to integrate the latest technology and tools into their business process,” adds Paquet. EC Solutions has a long-standing relationship with Epicor allowing them to provide high quality services on one of the top ERP solutions in the market, backed by a billion dollar company with global presence.

EC has developed a number of functionalities that extend the ERP features while automating tasks that were previously done manually. The company provides services including automated form distribution, expense management receipt scanning, one click shipping facility, and instant ERP information that can be sent to users’ smartphones. Following changes in technology and maintaining actual knowledge of best business practices has helped the EC to grow.
As ERP solutions have become more comprehensive and sophisticated, EC’s solutions provide highly-trained professionals who hone their skills on an ongoing basis. “As we look forward to this ever more demanding economy, the company knows that the tools and knowledge that we sharewith our customers will also help us to improve ourselves,” explains Paquet.

One of the company’s clients, Baylis Medical, supplier of medical equipment experienced proven productivity savings in order entry, quoting, shipping, invoicing, and other activities related to automating processes through EC’s services. Going beyond traditional ERP functionalities, the com-pany provided Baylis Medical with the advantage of new technologies and mo¬bile applications available in Epicor ERP to further streamline back-office and warehouse activities. Since implementing Epicor ERP, the client has achieved significant gains in efficiency, both internally and in customer-facing activities, which in turn resulted in improved customer satisfaction and sales. “They achieved 97 percent on-time shipping, and managed a 300 percent increase in sales without adding headcount,” says Paquet.

Our entire methodology is designed to not only complete implementations on time and on budget, but also to help our customers set business objectives and goals

Going forward, EC will continue to provide professional services for ERP implementations and will help customers to integrate new technologies into their business operations. “Imagine a world where the machines in a manufacturer’s plant will provide real time management information, where remote workers can access any information in their smartphones directly from the ERP.An entire supply chain will be linked electronically so that all processes are streamlined. The next step for us, apart from growing and spreading our reach, will be to bring ur customers into that world.” concludes Paquet.

EC Solutions

Laval, Quebec

Andre Paquet, President

A provider of leading business solutions resulting in increased productivity and a proven return on investment on Epicor ERP.